NEX Shopping Mall at Serangoon MRT Station Interchange

Serangoon NEX is a grand and expansive mall where you can find just about everything. Located in Singapore, it’s seven stories tall and quite the place to visit. In fact, you could practically live there. Not only do they offer movies to watch, food to eat, and places to shop, it’s an overall great experience where you can enter an entirely new world from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM.

Common Highlights at NEX Shopping Mall Serangoon MRT Station


The most remarkable feature of this grandiose mall is not it’s size, but what is located at the very top of this exceptional mark of architecture. At the top of Serangoon NEX is a lovely place known as the SkyGarden. It is not only a beautiful place with a lovely view, but it also contains a playground for young children and several walking paths for adults.

Dog Park

Not only is there a great place to walk and play on the roof of this mall, there is also a great place to be if you happen to be traveling by the mall with your dog. Even though you aren’t permitted a dog in the mall, there’s a great place for them to play on the roof of this seven-story mansion.

Serangoon Public Library at NEX Shopping Mall

After you’ve exercised your dog and enjoyed the SkyGarden, don’t forget to stop by the Serangoon Public Library.
Few malls can boast a library in their midst, but this one can with a good report. It will bring you back again and again and at the same time give you a great opportunity to borrow some incredible literature.

Shaw Theatres nex
Functioning like your standard movie theater, Shaw Theatres offers all of the latest movies and gives you a great viewing opportunity to stop by at while you’re wandering around the mall. It can hold over 1,000 viewers and is state of the art in every way.

As described on its own website, it brings about a certain type of luxury for everyone who chooses to take advantage of it and spend some time out of their day to enjoy their movie viewing experience.

Entertainment at NEX Shopping Mall Near Woodleigh MRT Station

Finding a place to be entertained in this huge place is no difficult feat. Inside of the Serangoon NEX you can locate a ballet company, stores with varying forms of entertainment, a movie theater, as previously mentioned, and 3D gaming locations and tech stores.

Alongside all of it’s unusual and entertaining features, this mall also offers various types of stores and shops on all seven of its floors. From fitness to food, inside of Serangoon NEX, you can locate pretzel stores, shoe stores, and your everyday fast food restaurants – to name a few.


No words could do justice to this incredible place to visit, again and again. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, don’t forget to stop and visit Serangoon NEX mall.

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