Woodleigh MRT Station North East Line NEL MRT

Woodleigh MRT station is located at boundaries of Bidadri and Woodleigh which are the subzones along the North East Line (NEL). Underneath Serangoon road, at the junction with Youngberg Terrace and Upper Aljunied Road sits the station. Woodleigh MRT Station serves as the MRT Station that connect nearby residential developments located close to the city. It is located near to many private developments as well

Woodleigh MRT Station North East Line

It is one of the two completed MRT stations which were closed during the opening of NEL on 20th June 2003, and the other is Buangkok. This procedure of closing the station was done due to sufficient traffic commuters so that the opening could be justified and it continued to be closed up to 20th June 2011. It was then opened to support the school called new Stamford American International School and other developing residences in the community to signify the 8th Anniversary of North East Line, and this support continued for future Bidadri also to make a sign of developing in those areas.

Platforms in Woodleigh MRT station

This MRT station has a couple of platforms in the arrangement like an island. Both platforms are occupied with the trains moving simultaneously in either direction. The platform doors are of a full height which doesn’t isolate the air conditioner from the tunnel and enhances comfort and safety. It is provided with escalators lifts and stairs, which are connected to the concourse.

The enquire section Passenger Information System is constructed so that people don’t get confused and get clarified with detail information. There are screens placed in the platforms with all the relevant information of the trains. The flooring is well finished with tactile material so that the handicapped can easily move from platform to the exit.

Safety Features in Woodleigh MRT Station

· The platform contains stop buttons so that in an emergency the trains can hold quick response of train stopping before entering the station or the train may stop from leaving the station.

· Telephones for an emergency at the platforms with the guide handling the process of communicating inside the lift enable the option of communicating with the staff and updates the passenger at the Passenger Service Centre (PSC).

· Emergency door is present there to make a release from the platforms to be opened in case of failure events from the train side.

· The main will be Fire Extinguishers and they are included in the location.

· Fixed with emergency Stop buttons on all the escalators.

· A security guard on the platform to avoid children from going near to the platform in the absence of trains.

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