Chip Eng Seng Real Estate Developer Residential Projects

In the Singapore world of real estate, Chip Eng Seng Contractors Pte Ltd together with its partners stand committed to provide the most reliable industrial and housing development construction works.

Ever since its humble beginnings in the 1960s, Chip Eng Seng Contractors and Chip Eng Seng Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd have grown from strength to strength, and provided Singapore residents with some of the most sturdy and reliable builders’ projects that dot the Singapore skyline today. Chip Eng Seng is a real estate developer with many signature projects in Singapore.

Chip Eng Seng Real Estate Developer Residential Projects

From 1982 when the Chip Eng Seng group won its first contract as main contractors of Singapore’s Housing Development Board, the company never looked back but remained committed to provide constructions with innovative design and building methods coupled with impeccable standards of quality. Our projects range across the spectrum of residential, commercial and industrial properties, including development and investment.

What keeps Chip Eng Seng floating and flying high till today is the group’s deep commitment to excellence in quality and safety standards, along with the engagement of modern technology in keeping with world-class standards. The Pre-Cast Technology that Chip Eng Seng adheres to has resulted in materials of high and consistent standards of quality because of the fact that pre-casts are made under uniformly stringent factory conditions. This is in direct contrast with in-situ castings where monitoring of quality standards is difficult.

Chip Eng Seng Construction High Standards

From precast slabs to precast door frames the most positive outcome of this technology is the high productivity and high buildability parameters it ensures, along with high standards, within a reduced time-frame. That is how our most endearing commitment is also to complete every project of ours within, if not ahead of, the stipulated time frames and budgets.

Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd is now listed in the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited and for the past few years it has been continually voted as the most Transparent Company in the Construction Category by the Securities Investors Association of Singapore.

Chip Eng Seng Management Team and Assets

Chip Eng Seng’s most valuable assets are our employees, the management team and professionals, many of whom have more than 20 years experience in every aspect of construction. Every team member is involved in a hands-on policy in a participative management style of operations, which has rendered tremendous success every project of ours and deep satisfaction to our clients.

We the Chip Eng Seng group shall always be grateful to our clients and remain committed to our motto of providing the best in standards of quality and safety in every one of our construction undertakings. We are also committed to take advantage of the latest advancement in building and construction technology to provide total reliability of every one of our projects to provide the best of services to our clients.

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